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Improve Your Skin by Drinking Water

By 01/02/2018February 16th, 2021No Comments

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be hydrated from both inside and out? Not only is drinking water great for our internal organs, but keeping regularly hydrated is essential to maintain that glowing skin and avoid dryness and irritation.

Much like the rest of the human body, our skin is predominantly made up of water – and much like the rest of the body, we lose vast quantities of this fluid through perspiration on an average day.

Dry skin is no fun for anybody; not only does it feel tight and uncomfortable but it can leave us with unsightly blotches and other redness, as well as leading to breakouts and other unpleasantness.

There’s a science behind this. Put simply, the more water we drink the more diluted our blood becomes; if we’re not sipping enough fluid over the course of the day, our organs grow increasingly thirsty and attempt to pull any water they can from the blood in order to keep functioning.

Without enough blood making its way to our skin, it dries out and starts to look a little more sunken – hence why we end up with dark rings under our eyes and sallow, dull skin. A lack of elasticity in our skin means that it starts to wrinkle up, and gives the appearance of being older than we actually are.

We could always head to the nearest high street pharmacy and stock up on a selection of lotions and potions in an attempt at keeping the skin hydrated and reversing the aging process, and this kind of external help shouldn’t be overlooked. Despite this, just drinking sufficient amounts of water can make a huge difference to the look and feel of our skin.

Water will work wonders on those blemishes and unwelcome skin conditions. Such imperfections are usually the result of an imbalance between oil and water on the skin, so it stands to reason that drinking enough water will help your skin maintain that equilibrium.

Of course, the more water you drink, the more contaminants you’ll flush out from within your body – which means that fewer of these toxins can make their way to the surface of your skin. This means that water can be even be used against ongoing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (alongside medically-prescribed treatments from a healthcare professional, naturally).

Water retention is usually something to be avoided, but in the case of the skin it can be a great thing; drinking plenty of clear fluids (and we do mean clear – sugar-loaded soft drinks will be more likely to aggravate the skin and cause acne) will help the skin look plump and full. This will result in a healthy glow that helps you look considerably younger and livelier.

You wouldn’t forget to wash your face first thing in the morning or last thing at night, so why would you ignore the benefits of drinking it? Think of a cool, refreshing glass of H20 as an additional shower for your skin, without any of the inconvenience of needing to towel yourself off afterwards.

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