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Disa Molesbury

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I am a busy mum of two children but I will always be a mum of four as I lost two baby boys within this last year called Tommy and Riley.

I buy trackers as they remind me to drink and I’ve used them while I’ve been in and out of hospital as one thing I’ve struggled to do this last year is take care of me. They also prompt my eldest son to say “ mummy it’s 1 you need to drink more” or whatever time it may be. He even has a tracker and it’s helped him with his drinking as like me sometimes life gets so busy.

I bought myself a new one recently as I’ve found out again I’m pregnant but am very high risk so one thing I’m trying to make sure I have complete control over is ensuring my fluid intake is right.

Little things like tracker bottles may seem just an object but they’ve helped me gain control over an aspect of my life I’ve needed too and helped me and my son remain hydrated.

Thank you for listening to this story.

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