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Olivia Lathram

I have been using Hydratem8 tracking bottles for many years now. I absolutely love them. I take my bottle everywhere with me, even to do the school run.

I have noticed that since I started using these bottles I drink more water and I love it. The benefits I’ve seen are: more energy, glowing skin, shiny hair and stronger nails.

I have also noticed that my tummy is not as bloated as it use to be and my metabolism has sped up which has helped with my weight loss. I also use to suffer with bad headaches which have now disappeared.

In a nutshell, I wouldn’t and couldn’t live without these bottles in my life. I am so happy with them that my husband and 2 kids are now using them too. I’m now considering their food pots. Thank you Hydratem8 for bettering my life

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