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30 Reasons to Drink More Water

By 16/08/2021November 10th, 2021No Comments

We all know that we should be drinking more water and many of us are aware of some of the reasons as to why it is so good for us. Just in case, however, we have compiled a long, long list of the benefits of proper hydration, in an effort to motivate you to go and get another drink!

Your Skin Loves Water

1. Hydrated cells help reduce wrinkles and give you a youthful, radiant glow that you won’t get from expensive anti-ageing treatments.
2. Drink more H20 for softer, smoother skin.
3. Water helps to boost flexibility and elasticity in the complexion, while tightening the skin.
4. There are hundreds of expensive acne treatment and spot creams on the market, but water is the cheapest and most readily available solution that actually works!
5. Water helps the skin maintain its perfect, slightly acidic pH, so that it is brighter, healthier and better able to cope with changes in environment.
6. If you are prone to dark under-eye bags and puffy skin, it could be due to an overload of salt in your system and a lack of hydration.
7. Your skin is responsible for maintaining your internal body temperature and it needs plenty of water to do this.
8. Sore, cracked lips are a sign of dehydration – keep them soft and kissable by drinking more water.

Boost Your Weight Loss

1. Did you know that drinking a glass of water before a workout can help you burn more calories, boosting your weight loss goals!
2. Our bodies need a little bit of fat, but water helps to flush out the excess so that it doesn’t collect around the tummy.
3. The more you drink, the less you’ll need to eat!
4. Water helps to speed up the metabolism.
5. A happy gut is a healthy gut, and your gut loves water!
6. Water helps your muscles perform that little bit better, so you can beat your workout goals.

Hydrate to Look and Feel Great

1. If your hair is thinning, it could be down to dehydration. Drink more for better growth.
2. Good hydration fuels every bodily function, including your energy levels, so you can attack the day with confidence.
3. Halitosis can be caused by many things, but if you drink enough water, you can rule out dehydration.
4. Hangovers are caused by severe and sudden dehydration. Drink water between alcoholic drinks and cure that hangover with plenty of H2O.
5. Feeling a little constipated? Drink more water to flush that blockage!
6. Headaches are a key symptom of dehydration, so try curing yours with a few glasses of water.
7. Water helps reduce the intensity of cramps, as well as other symptoms of periods.
8. The better hydrated you are, the stronger your immune system will be!
9. Water helps to balance our inner yin and yang, so that we never feel unsteady.
10. Hydration helps to fight high cholesterol and associated ailments, as well as high blood pressure and even heartburn.
11. Kidney stones are most often caused by a lack of water – so drink more to reduce your risk.
12. Your brain needs water to improve memory, your mood and your senses.
13. Aching, painful joints can be soothed with good hydration and it can even help you avoid osteoporosis and arthritis.
14. Hydrate to reduce your hemorrhoid risk.
15. Suffering with congestion? Water can help!
16. Drink more water to reduce your water retention! When your body senses a lack of hydration, it stores what it does have in the body, making you feel bloated and sluggish.

There are so many more reasons why water is good for you, but this list should act as a great motivator for now!

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