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Melissa Clewer


I purchased my first Hydratem8 tracker bottle for work. My job as a seamstress requires a lot of focus and I would get so caught up in my work that I would forget to stop for a drink, which would lead to dehydration, headaches and feeling real sluggish by the afternoon. My tracker bottle helped me keep hydrated throughout the day with the time track feature, improving my concentration and energy levels massively. Hydratem8 continued to help me through my pregnancies, keeping my water intake on track and leaving my body feeling healthier, even down to improving my usually dry and sensitive skin!

I have since purchased an active tracker which is great for my workouts – even at home! The handy lid lock is a great feature for when you’re on the go and the bottle is so easy to carry anywhere!

My newest Hydratem8 bottle is the lilac insulated bottle, which is an amazing addition to my collection, keeping my drinks lovely and cold through the warmer weather and come autumn/winter, I’ll be able to swap for hot drinks too!

I love the Hydratem8 products and highly recommend them – there’s a product for everyone!

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