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Hot Drinks to Improve Your Health

By 02/09/2020November 18th, 2021No Comments

There is nothing more comforting than a hot drink on a cold day. We use coffee to help us wake up and tea in the event of any crisis. The British love their hot drinks, but did you know that many have useful health benefits too? Here are some health-boosting hot drinks to pour into your insulated drinks bottle.


Chai Tea

With black or green tea as its base, this drink is already filled to the brim with antioxidants that help reduce the effect of damaging oxidization processes within the body. This Indian staple drink is then filled with medicinal herbs, including black pepper for digestive benefits, fennel for heartburn and indigestion, cloves for immunity, ginger for the heart, cardamom for its ability to lower blood pressure and cinnamon for its anti-inflammatory properties. This combination is thought to boost energy and help fight viruses.


Green Tea

A fabulous alternative to your morning english breakfast tea, green tea is full of catechins, which help to reduce toxins within the body. It is also great for your heart and digestive health and is thought to have many benefits for your brain, helping you to concentrate and boosting your mood. The caffeine in green tea is much lower than the caffeine content of coffee and is combined with L-theanine. This particular balance has been proven to improve general brain function.


Peppermint Tea

Amazing for digestion, drink peppermint tea when you have an unsettled stomach in order to relieve the uncomfortable pangs. It can help to relieve stress and a mug of tea before bed can help to improve your quality of sleep. Peppermint tea also has the convenient side effect of freshening your breath, making it a great choice for when you are drinking with friends.


Lemon Water

Start every day with a mug of hot water and half a lemon and set your digestive system up for greatness throughout the day. This warm drink helps the detoxification process work more efficiently, flushing out toxins within the body and is jam-packed with vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that will boost your immune system.


Chamomile Tea

This super-calming beverage is a great choice for times of high stress or when you are looking to wind-down at the end of the day. It has cramp-relieving properties and is able to reduce migraine pain by slowing down your sensory movement. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Sage Tea

Gargling with sage tea is thought to bring instant relief to sore throats and coughs, but it is also good when swallowed normally, helping with issues such as heartburn, hot flushes and insomnia. Some studies have also shown it to be useful when trying to lower cholesterol.


For those days when your ordinary tea or coffee just isn’t enough, filling your HydrateM8 bottle with one of these hot beverages will boost your health and your mood!

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