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I saw the advert for HydrateM8 come up on my facebook page with a key worker discount. I needed a new flask to keep my hot drinks hot and to stop me spending a small fortune on take away hot drinks that I never actually finish as we would get a 999 call and I would end up throwing it away. I took the plunge and ordered a coffee flask in pink. It arrived with a speedy next delivery which was perfect as I was on a night shift that evening. I filled it up at home with my favourite tea and took it in my bag to work. Starting my shift we normally check the ambulance and then have a cuppa before the 12 long hours take fold. This particular evening we checked our ambulance and went straight out to a 999 call. I was thankful my flask was in my bag. This emergency took approx 2 hour turnaround and I couldn’t wait to get back in the ambulance and have my cuppa. When we did it was still pipping hot and lovely. The actual part you drink out of is fab too, much nicer than paper cups or cheap plastic ones I have previously used.

A few weeks in now and I take my flask on every shift. I show all my colleagues and it’s a must have for everyone, I have even refilled it halfway through the shift to keep me going the full 12 hours. My next mission is to tackle my water intake as I definitely don’t drink enough. I would highly recommend purchasing from HydrateM8.

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