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How Can You Help the Environment Right Now?

By 02/08/2021No Comments

The road to climate sustainability is certainly a long and tricky one, but there are things we can all do to make it a little bit smoother. While the bulk of the effort has to come from individual governments and international corporations, the average person can definitely play their part. The more of us that make small changes to combat climate change, the greater our impact will be. So here are a few things that you can do right now to make the world a better place to be.

Hop on your bike

Anything you can do to limit the amount you need to use your car is useful, reducing those harmful CO2 emissions and boosting your own health with a little exercise. For longer journeys, perhaps consider public transport. If the car is the only practical option, then perhaps you could look at car-sharing schemes or maybe even invest in a low-emissions vehicle.

Rethink your rubbish

Recycling should always be a last resort. In the first instance, we should attempt to purchase products without unnecessary packaging, taking our own reusable bags for loose fruit and vegetables and shopping small. If some rubbish is unavoidable, then it is a great idea to try and repurpose that waste – jars are always useful, for example. While recycling is better than simply throwing in landfill, it is not always the perfect option that we wish it was.

Shop Local

Your small, independent shops appreciate the custom more than the large supermarkets and the food miles in your purchases will be far less. Shopping in this way helps you to eat seasonally and is a lot better for both you and the environment. Don’t forget to take your own carrier bag!

Make a List

When you do go shopping, make sure to create a comprehensive list of meals for the week and exactly what foods you will need to make them. This will help to reduce the amount of food waste you create while also ensuring you don’t spend more than you need to. You can also factor in leftovers, ensuring these are consumed in a timely manner, rather than added to the bin and make sure everything is eaten within its use-by date.

Few of us consider the impact of food waste on the environment, but when put into a landfill situation, these natural components can’t biodegrade in the way they should, releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere. If you do create any waste, you can add these to a home composting system, along with any scraps and cardboard rubbish, creating a healthy soil for your plants.

Think Green

Whether you are growing your own vegetables in an effort to live more sustainably, or you have decided to forgo meat in order to help reduce deforestation, your efforts will make a big difference to the world.
Purchase a Recyclable Water Bottle: Any reusable products that can replace things you dispose of on a regular basis will be sure to have a positive impact. A HydrateM8 water bottle will save you money, while reducing the amount of plastic that is thrown away. You can also look at reusable make-up wipes, napkins, handkerchiefs and coffee cups, to name just a few things.
Small changes add up to a big difference, so never think that your efforts are insignificant. Together, we can save the world!

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