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Why Carrying a Water Bottle with You at all Times is a Must

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in order to help our body function at its very best level. So, here are five reasons why it is important to carry a drink bottle with you at all times.

You are less likely to forget to drink

Once you get used to carrying your bottle with you everywhere you go, you will have a constant reminder to hydrate whenever you can. Whether you are sitting on the bus, walking to work or enjoying a book on the sofa, that constant presence of the water bottle will help you to reach your hydration targets. A water bottle with times is a motivator to drink more such as our range of Hydration Tracker water bottles.

It can help you reach your weight loss goals

Are you a frequent gym-goer? Or maybe you are trying to lose a little weight by eating healthier. However you are trying to lose weight, you can be sure your efforts will be impeded if you don’t have your water bottle with straw or flip spout to hand. Water keeps us feeling fuller for longer, while giving your metabolism the helping hand it needs. If you do get thirsty or hungry while you are out and about, you are more likely to try and quell that feeling with water if you have it with you and less likely to reach for carbonated, caffeinated drinks that are no good for your diet.

It can keep you moving for longer

Busy day ahead? Perhaps you just always feel as though you are dashing between appointments. Water is an important addition to your daily routine as it helps to lubricate the joints, so that you can move with ease. Taking a second or two to have a sip of water can help to speed up your body so that you suddenly find yourself with time on your hands!

It reduces the pressure on landfill

Carrying your sports water bottle with you at all times will ensure you never have to stop off at a convenience store to purchase a drink packaged in plastic. These disposable bottles have a huge impact on the environment, since they don’t biodegrade in a reasonable length of time. When they do start to decompose, they release microplastics that end up in our food. Your reusable water bottle will last you for many years, staying by your side like a reliable friend with hydration.

You can fill them with your favourite drink

If water is not your thing, why not try orange juice or flavoured water? You can have your favourite drink to hand all day long if you take your water bottle with you, so you can always get a sip of that delicious liquid no matter what you may be doing!

Drinking more water will help to give you better skin, a clearer mind and more energy throughout the day. Keeping your hydrate water bottle to hand is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, wallet and the environment!

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