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My dog is not one for gadgets and old and fussy in his ways. Usually if I try to get him to drink from something other than his water bowl, he wouldn’t go near it.

The Hydratem8 dog water bottle is a complete game changer for Bob! He confidently drank out of it and came back for more! As a mum with a young baby, I don’t need anymore stuff to carry, so this is perfect as the strap connected easily to my bag and off we went for our walk.

I love how stylish it looks and how easy it is to use, plus it has an extra compartment for more water if needed. I was able to control the amount I poured into the holder, so if he did splash it, I knew it wouldn’t all tip out and be wasted and we had more for the rest of the walk.

I love the choice of colours available and would highly recommend to other dog owners.

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