Take the guesswork out of good hydration

Drink more water and improve energy levels, boost your immune system, promote healthy skin, aid weight loss and much more.

Sip for success

Premium water bottles that help you to drink more water by encouraging a consistent intake throughout the day.

Track, monitor & improve

Our tracker water bottles help you to monitor and improve your daily water intake for improved energy levels, better immune system, healthier skin, an aid to weight loss and much more.


Motivational water bottles with a timings on the back to help you drink smaller but consistent amounts throughout the day. Available in a range of different colours.


Our tracker bottles are BPA free as well as being rugged and tough. A fully reusable water bottle that reduces the amount of plastic bottles thrown away.


You, but more beautiful. When you get the optimum amount of hydration, your skin glows, your hair shines and your body radiates good vibes! Our hydration tracker bottles put you in control, motivating you to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


You, but more beautiful. When you get the optimum amount of hydration, your skin glows, your hair shines and your body radiates good vibes! Our hydration tracker bottles put you in control, motivating you to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Improve your hydration today, feel amazing tomorrow

The HydrateM8 water tracker bottles will help you to drink the correct amount of water during the day thanks to our patented schedule on the back.


Increase alertness and reduce fatigue through regular and consistent hydration.


Speed up metabolism and reduce the mixed signals of hunger and thirst.


Water promotes healthy hair growth, and aids in keeping it soft and easier to prevent splitting.


Dehydration is one of the worst causes of wrinkles, saggy and dry aged skin.

Customer stories

Liya Hussey

It’s very easy to forget to stay hydrated and drink water particularly if you take a lot of caffeine. I didn’t realise that my fatigue and lack of energy and headaches were linked To dehydration

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Kayleigh Young

You will not be disappointed in buying this product I just have a basic one at the moment hoping to upgrade to a new bottle over the next month or so, I feel I have more energy now by drinking more water too.

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Alice Clough

If you want to feel healthier, less bloated and have better skin get a hydratem8 bottle so you can get your 2L in! They have such a variety of colours and slogans there is one for everyone!

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Sarah Jayne

I have now gone from drinking no water to 1 litre and more a day. One of the benefits to proper hydration is not having the usual hormonal headache that occurs every month

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Hannah Hicks

The timings makes it easier to drink more! The straw is amazing, it’s somehow better than any other water bottles with a straw!

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Richard Hillyer

Fantastic product, well made. Just buy one and take your water intake seriously. Forget fizzy drinks and squash this is what your body needs. It’s easy to take with you and the carry handle is perfect.

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Becky Campbell

If your trying to diet or get more fluids in this has defo helped me 150% I would have never picked up a bottle of water in a shop but now I don’t need to cause I always have my HydrateM8 with me 😍

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Cheryl Anne Bagshaw

This is 9 members of our Floor... we want to improve the environment as well as drink more water.. 14 of Syha have ditched the plastic bottles and now bought your bottles... We love them x thank you Love Chez290480 Swmumof4sheffield South Yorkshire housing association

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Caroline Rand

This is me on the morning of my wedding day, just 2 weeks ago, and my hydratem8's in hand. Who needs bubbly? Instead I must have drank about 3 bottles of water whilst getting ready. At the beginning of January it hit me that my wedding would be here before I knew it and I knew I needed to make myself feel better. I bought some hydratem8's and everyday since January...

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Hannah Parker

On the 24th December 2016, I was visiting my family during my university Christmas break when I unfortunately experienced something rather frightening... I was out with my stepdad when I fell to the floor and had a seizure. This was sadly not the only time this happened, I experienced this again on 1st April 2017. After having many neurology appointments and various tests, it became apparent that the cause of my...

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Ellie Pool

It’s made staying hydrated fun, easy and super affordable as I never need to buy water on the go as I fill my bottle up and take it with me everyday.

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Shelley Keefe

I’m now on my second hydration tracker water bottle from you guys and I couldn’t be without it! Since using your bottles I’ve massively upped my daily water consumption without even having to make an effort, my bottle comes with me wherever I go, even up to bed at night! My skin, hair and nails are healthier and stronger, and being constantly well hydrated has really helped with my running training. Can’t...

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