Ditch the Expensive Skincare Gifts for a Hydratem8 Tracker Bottle

The cold, dry air of winter can play havoc with your skin and for many of us, expensive skincare products are a popular Christmas gift. This year save money and give the gift of a Hydratem8 tracker bottle instead. Staying hydrated and adopting a good routine can bring enormous benefits for your skin.

There is some research which suggests that drinking water can promote skin hydration. In turn, this leads to less oil being produced and could help prevent acne outbreaks. Dry skin causes excess oil production and it’s this which is blamed for spots. So, drinking the correct amount of water can leave your skin looking and feeling healthy.

But that’s not all.

By gifting a Hydratem8 tracker bottle this Christmas you’ll also be boosting many other areas of your recipient’s health.

Boosts Immunity

Drinking the correct amount of water daily can help support your immune system. That enhances your protection against infections and illnesses, including those of the skin.

Prevents Headaches

For some people, not drinking enough water causes headaches and migraines. And there is some research which has found that drinking water may help to prevent or relieve the symptoms.

Prevents Hangovers

Drinking water between alcoholic drinks or a large glass before going to bed can help reduce the likelihood of hangovers the next day. So, one of our bottles is great for preventing that festive hangover. The problem with alcohol is it’s a diuretic, so it causes you to lose more water than you take in which leads to dehydration. So, by replacing the water between drinks or before bed you’ll reduce the risk of feeling ghastly the next day.

Increases brain function and energy

Without water your brain is unable to function properly, even just small losses result in impaired function. So, by purchasing a Hydratem8 tracker bottle for someone you love this Christmas, you’ll be helping them to reach their full potential.

Aids Weight Loss

If there’s a big event coming up next year or someone you know is just trying to lose a few pounds, encouraging them to drink more water can help them achieve their target weight. That’s because water can increase satiety, leaving you feeling satisfied, less hungry, and less likely to snack.


Dehydration, even if it’s only mild, can have both physical and mental effects on the human body. By purchasing a Hydratem8 product for someone you love this Christmas, you’ll not only be encouraging them to drink more water but also boosting their health. It’s easy to get sucked into buying expensive beauty gifts or health related products, but just increasing water intake can have some profound benefits.

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