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Lorna Hazzard

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Being outdoors a lot of the time I am really conscious about staying hydrated I absolutely love HydrateM8 bottles.
The look of them the feel of them they are just perfect .
I had a number of cheaper bottles that after being used a few times fell apart.
I needed a bottle that I could take with me anywhere …in my rucksack on my paddle board or in the kayak and the tracker bottles are brilliant for that.
The colours and texture are amazing making it easy for me to find my bottle because I can clip it somewhere where I can find it straight away.

I have 3 bottles all in different fabulous colours …when I am not outdoors and in the office my work colleagues are always intrigued to see which colour will be on my desk 😬…I have recommended to all my friends and family.
The perfect water bottle love them and can’t recommend them enough. I have no doubt that I will be purchasing a few more not only for myself but as presents.
Thank you Lorna x

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