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We lead such busy lives nowadays. We are so wrapped-up in our work that we forget something so fundamental to our lives: drink water.

I was no different. I was one of millions who commuted daily up to London and beyond, before the first Lockdown of Covid-19. I would make myself a glass of squash using the office water dispenser to drink during the morning and have the occasional coffee. By lunchtime, my glass of squash was barely touched. Something needed to change.

Then, during the first Lockdown in 2020, an advert for Hydrate8 appeared on my Facebook feed. I was intrigued by the counter on the side of the bottle and the fact it contained approximately 1000ml of water, rather than the standard sized bottle of 500ml. I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a bottle as I was now working from home and was concerned that my bad habits of not drinking enough water would resume.

My bottle arrived within days of ordering and I love it. Far from struggling to drink just the one-pint glass/500ml glass of diluted squash a day, I manage to drink two bottles daily. My bottle goes to work with me and to my weekend exercise classes too, to ensure I am hydrated throughout the day. I am having far fewer coffees during the day and it has improved my wellbeing and health.

Thank you Hydrate8 for mending my bad habits!!!

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