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Customer Stories & ReviewsDog Water Bottle

Victoria Lucy

By 19/05/2021June 22nd, 2021No Comments

We have absolutely loved using the Hydratem8 doggy water bottle with our dog – not only is it super easy to use and leak proof but it holds a decent amount of water for a long dog walk and our dog loves using it (she’s quite fussy when it comes to where she will drink from so this is a definite plus). The lock function is brilliant for ensuring that we can’t accidentally lean anything on the water release button in transit and flood the car or my bag and we used the additional tube that locks onto the end of the water bottle for storing treats as we’re dog training at the moment. It’s great to find something that really is an all-rounder and means that you can easily carry around what you need without feeling weighed down.

We would definitely recommend to other dog owners.

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