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Keeping Hydrated in the Office this Summer

By 24/06/2016July 25th, 2016No Comments
Keeping Hydrated in the Office this Summer

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen temperatures begin to soar as summer finally begins!

As things get hotter it is more important than ever to keep hydrated. One of the places we have been notoriously bad at doing this but arguably one of the most important places is in our offices. We often rush from task to task or from one meeting to the next without a second thought to how much we have had to drink until we reach the end of the day and wonder why we have a headache.

Dehydration has not only been shown to give us headaches but it also drastically affects our concentration and our energy levels. Some studies have also linked it to increases in tension and anxiety. All in all, not an ideal state to be in while we are trying to be productive!

So let’s ensure this summer we get it sorted and stay hydrated to be at our best and finish each week feeling great. Here are some top tips to help you achieve this:

    1. Choose hydrating snacksIf you have access to a freezer why not make some watermelon popsicles by freezing wedges of watermelon with sticks in them for a healthy, cooling and hydrating snack we are sure the whole office will thank you for!
    2. Start the day wellOne of the worse things you can do is to skip breakfast and turn up at the office already dehydrated and then reach for the coffee. Make sure you factor in enough time to have a healthy breakfast along with a glass of water before you leave the house and we are sure your day will get off to a great start!



  • Take regular breaksIt is so easy to pack our diaries full of tasks to do and meetings to attend but it is important to ensure you take regular breaks. Each time you have even 10 minutes to take a quick break grab a drink and top up your bottle. Try simply leaving a slightly longer gap between meetings.
  • Get your colleagues on boardIf you team are all trying to stay hydrated together you are more likely to remind each other to drink up and keep motivated. Check in with each other at lunchtime or during your breaks to ensure your water intake doesn’t get forgotten about when you have a busy or stressful day.
  • Keep your HydrateM8 at handKeeping your HydrateM8 with you at all times not only means you can grab a quick drink whenever you need it but it also helps you to keep track of your intake. You should be able to identify early in the day if you are behind with your drinking and sort it out before you get seriously dehydrated.


HydrateM8 make it easy for you to keep track of your water intake and encourages you to drink enough every day. Head over to our shop to order your bottle today.

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