Freshers: Top Tips for Staying Healthy While at University

The long summer will soon be over and it probably feels like an age since you opened your A-level results letter. But, within the next couple of weeks, you will be packing up the car and waving goodbye to your parents as they emotionally drop you off at your halls. From then on, Freshers’ week will be full steam ahead!

Freshers’ week is a great time to meet new friends, join new clubs and societies as well as explore the new area you will be calling home for the next 3 years. However, it is also the time where most students test their liver function and eat copious amounts of rubbish. While your body will cope for a short while, it won’t be long before you’re feeling out of sorts and leaving yourself at risk of the dreaded Freshers’ flu. So, here are some handy tips to help you stay healthy while settling in at Uni.

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Even though you may not feel like it, breakfast should be one meal of the day you shouldn’t miss. On some days you might not even get up until lunchtime, but your body will still require fuel for the day ahead, especially during lectures. You don’t need to go all out but cereal, fresh fruit with yoghurt or wholegrain toast with beans or a poached egg will suffice.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is an underrated necessity. There is no excuse for dehydration when there is a tap in every halls kitchen. You should aim to drink around 8 glasses of water a day. Adequate hydration has been shown to have many benefits such as enabling you to think clearer, enhancing your concentration and improving short memory recall. Take a bottle of water into your lectures with you to help keep you alert.

Water is also good after a heavy night out, too. If you can, drink some water before bed to try to prevent a nasty hangover in the morning!

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Make sure you get a good amount of sleep. Good sleep can help with moods, emotions and your concentration – getting in late and getting up early for a lecture is not a good recipe.

Freshers’ week is a good time to get a good night’s sleep because it will be the least stressful week of your university life. So, while you’re out partying and meeting new people remember to get the hours of zzz’s you need to stay focused and refreshed.

Remember Your 5-A-Day

Going to university is probably the first time where you will be away from home and need to fend for yourself. This can be a scary prospect, especially when it comes to feeding yourself. Try to get into the habit of eating nutritious meals. Try to incorporate fruit and vegetables into every meal you eat as they are packed with nutrients and fibre.

Finally, remember to have fun and stay safe!

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