Do You Really Need to Buy Bottled Water?

bottled water in the UK

Buying Bottled Water in the UK is it Necessary?

Often, it’s a personal preference whether you drink your water straight from the tap or fork out for fancy bottled water. How much you pay for pre-packaged water can vary depending on where you shop, the brand you buy and even the material used to make the bottle.

But do you really need to buy bottled water in the UK? And does it defeat the object of a reusable water bottle to fill it with water packaged in disposable plastic? We look at some of the myths surrounding tap water and how you could save money by switching from bottled to tap.

Is drinking tap water safe?

The UK’s water supply is amongst the highest quality in the UK. It goes through vigorous testing every year to make sure it is of the best quality. In fact, that makes tap water the most regulated drink available.

But that’s for the UK, there are some parts of the world where the drinking water isn’t safe and so bottled water is a necessity. If you are travelling abroad it is best to check before you travel.

Why do people buy bottled water in the UK?

There are many reasons why people buy bottled water in the UK despite there being a perfectly good source in their home. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

I don’t like the taste

Water companies around the world use chlorine as the disinfectant for keeping the supply network of pipes clean. It’s used in small amounts and should be 0.5 mg/l or less in drinking water, at this level it is safe to drink.

However, some complain about the taste of their tap water. Filtering your tap water can remove the substances which are turning your taste buds off your tap water. Buying water filters is much cheaper than buying bottled water and once filtered you can pour into your Hydratem8 tracker bottle or even the kettle to make a hot drink without the bad taste.

Plus, filters remove the contaminants in the water but leave behind the minerals your body needs!

It sends a message about our health

Believe it or not, some people buy bottled water because they think it sends out a message that they care about their health. But it’s the clever marketing of bottled water brands that have contributed to this.

For example, many use slogans which suggest a sense of immortality or that it supports your health in a unique way. Equally, when we go to the drinks fridge to select what we want to quench our thirst, bottled water is usually near the unhealthier, fizzy drinks. So, we compare it to those and not bottled water. So, choosing bottled water over a sugary drink feels like a healthy choice.

But here at Hydratem8, we’re trying to change that with our hydration tracker bottles. They’re a sleek design and motivational slogans are the perfect alternative to expensive bottled water brands. Plus, they are much more environmentally friendly, too. So, if you haven’t already made the switch, what’s stopping you?


There’s nothing to stop anyone from buying bottled water but in the UK, we are lucky to have a very good water system which is safe to drink. However, because some people do not like the taste, they prefer to buy bottled water but there are cheaper alternatives like water filters which can improve the taste of the water.

Whether it’s bottled water of tap water you prefer to drink, your Hydratem8 water bottle isn’t fussy. And, drinking some water is better than none at all!

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