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Kirsty Vince

Such a fantastic versatile very cute pot!! My husband is using it in the car , my children are taking it to school filled with healthy warm lunches. It’s so easy to use, we pre heat it if we are using it, but for my children I put the warmed food straight in before school in the morning so its eating temperature for their lunch time.

My husband often doesn’t know when he’ll get time to eat, but even late afternoon his food has still been hot. Already we are definitely saving money using these hot pots.

It is fabulous on picnics to put hot bacon and sausages in to add to rolls for the whole family. We are buying them as Christmas presents for our parents who are always off on day trips and long hikes.

Thank you so much this is great, wish I had one of these when I had fussy toddlers.

Kirsty Vince

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