Hello my name is Rachal, and I am a 51 year old teacher . I started getting into fitness and healthy eating about a year ago but have really vamped it up over the last few months . I am following a fitness,exercise , consisting of lifting and cardio programme trying to get as strong and healthy as I can . For my children and myself as I get older . The thing I was really struggling with was drinking enough water . I follow lots of fitness bloggers and one of them ( tally rye ) was raving about your bottle so I thought I would try one.

Oh my goodness the change !!!!! Before my bottle I was struggling to drink one litre !!!! Now I finishing the bottle three sometimes four times !!!! It’s just so easy to drink !!!! Seeing the small measures makes it so easy to think ‘ oh have a quick slurp and you will be up to your levels and before you know it the bottle is finished !!!! I have raved about it so much at work that my colleagues ordered 7 bottles the other day !!!

Hydratem8 is like my most precious possessions right now and I cannot thank you enough .

Rachal Daniels