World Mental Health Day

You may be wondering what on earth water and staying hydrated has to do with your brain – trust us, it is one of the most important natural ingredients needed to make your brain function in the correct way. By maintaining good hydration our brains work at their optimal level and can make us feel better not just on the outside but on the inside too. Good hydration is major factor to help you feel good about yourself and improve your mood.

The brain is made up of 75% water, so the ‘cauliflower’ looking image you see in photos of the brain is pretty accurate. It has to be fed – neither your brain nor your body will withstand the elements that they are exposed to without a constant supply of water.


Many times we forget the importance of hydration, forget to drink even standard tap water at times that are most important. You should not have to be reminded of the life-saving attributes of water, and what it can do towards maintaining brain health and brain longevity. Here are some reminders of the key reasons why your brain needs water and what a difference it can make to your life:

  • Feeds and supports growth of new and healthy brain cells
  • Balances hormones that affect moods and emotions
  • Improves concentration, eliminates ‘foggy brain’
  • Removes toxins and dangerous free radicals from your blood, than could be circulated to your brain
  • Assists in maintaining memory
  • Quality of sleep – dehydration will cause lack of sleep
  • Maintains and increases a healthy blood flow to the brain

Dehydration is very dangerous to the brain function in all capacities. Lack of water will cause brain cells to shrink, and can result in memory loss, inability to concentrate, and serious mood swings – let alone premature aging in a lot of circumstances. Mental incapacitation occurs relatively quickly with periods of dehydration, and we mean WATER, with its natural minerals and salts.

Bearing in mind that the average healthy person loses up to a huge 80 fl.oz per day (that is over 2300mls for you youngsters) through sweating, eliminating toxins and breathing! This has to be replenished regularly throughout the day – you may not even realise you are dehydrating, and it’s not just sport or aerobic exercise that causes it.

If you are unsure about ‘topping up’ on water, a great reminder for you are the Hydrate8M water bottles. With their bright colours (you won’t be able to miss them on your desk!) and with regular markings reminding you of your daily intake, you will never get dehydrated.

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