5 Unexpected Benefits of Staying HydratedHydration

5 Unexpected Benefits of Staying Hydrated

By the time you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated, that’s why it is giving you the signal to drink! There are so many benefits to drinking water, lots of them you will be familiar with and lots we have covered in earlier blog posts but here are a…
Water BottlesHydration

20 Of The Most Random Water Facts Ever

There are plenty of water facts that we can share with you but like with everything we do we like to be a little bit different. We have sought out the most random water facts that the world can find and here are Hydratem8’s top 20. Here goes... (more…)

How Important Is Water?

We understand the importance of water but we wouldn’t we?!? Pretty much everyone understands that water is essential to life but it is only over the last few years that we are beginning to realise how valuable a resource it is. The reality is we need it for health, food,…
5 Of The Funniest Water Videos EverHydration

5 Of The Funniest Water Videos Ever

We know that water is serious subject and our weekly blog posts are very much focussed on raising awareness of: The importance of staying hydrated The need to help those without access to safe water However, now and again we all need to let our hair down and have a…

Water Facts We Guarantee Will Shock You

Look around you, plenty of water yes? Before we even hit 10am we have used it many times. Shower, breakfast, second cup of coffee and toilet. Yet, there are multiple thousands (and we mean multiple thousands) of people that don’t enjoy the same luxury as we do. (more…)

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

We can all go without food for days, even weeks or months, but going without water can and most probably will have an impact on our health. The truth is that most of us don’t realise just how vital water is when it comes to helping us keep our health…