Why You Should Watch the Clock for Your Health

Time is so important. It guides and dictates our every waking (and sleeping) moment. We use the time to make sure we wake up for work or that we make that important meeting. We even rely on time for when we eat certain meals but now you can watch the clock for another aspect of your health, too. Hydration.

The Hydratem8 Tracker Bottle has been specifically designed to provide you with a constant reminder to top up your water levels throughout the day. It helps you to track, monitor and improve your daily water intake.

Simply fill the bottle first thing in the morning and take regular sips, reaching the hourly targets until it’s time to refill again at 1pm. The ingenious design helps you to stay on top of your hydration without having to think too much about it. Simply, watch the clock.

The bottles come in two designs, original and active. Original has an innovative flip-straw design while the active has a free-flowing lid, perfect for when you’re on the go because it provides fast hydration.

Why do you need to drink water?

Water is vital for living. Experts think that humans could live for up to two months without food whereas most scientists believe that you can live only a few days without water. There are, of course, anomalies that fall outside of this, but the major take home is the human body just cannot function without this vital resource.

Just mild dehydration can have a profound effect on your wellbeing, leaving you feeling more tired and less able to physically perform. The human body uses water for sweat, to pee and to even generate bowel movements – which without water can be uncomfortable!

That’s not all. Your body needs water for:
• Joint lubrication
• Healthy skin
• The formation of saliva and mucus
• Body temperature regulation
• Flushing out waste
• Maintaining blood pressure
• Weight loss
• Exercise performance
• Cushioning vital organs and their components
• Hangover prevention!

It’s that simple. The human body is 100% reliant on your water intake and yet most adults don’t drink enough. That could be the cause of many daily struggles like headaches and joint pain.

That’s where the Hydratem8 Tracker Bottle comes in. It’s your hydration BFF. Simply fill it with water and it’ll do the rest. The innovative tracker will serve as a reminder to keep you sipping throughout the day. And if you need even more motivation, then the inspirational quote will keep you spurred on. You don’t even need to fork out for an expensive smart watch or fitness tracker just to log your daily water intake. And let’s face it the novelty soon wears off entering your data. Instead, you simply track your daily water intake with the printed tracker and voilà. Round the clock hydration tracking.

Need more inspiration? Over 250,000 people can’t be wrong, can they? Get your Hydratem8 Tracker Bottle here.

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