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Why Drinking Water Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

By 11/08/2016No Comments

Hydratem8 bottles make drinking water easy, helping you form a habit that will benefit your health and happiness and it can even be fun! We have loads of different bottle designs to suit your needs and our motivational slogans and interactive chart to monitor intake there has never been an easier way to enjoy drinking more water. Before you browse our range and select the perfect bottle for you, why not read on to discover 8 great reasons why drinking water doesn’t have to be boring.

  1. Competition
    A healthy dose of competition goes a long way when it comes to adding the fun to water drinking. Our bottles make competition with friends, family and colleagues easy as the helpful measurement chart on the side of the bottle makes targets easy to set and account for. Why not be in it to win and get an office competition going to see who can stay on target with their drinking each day?
  2. Cause
    Whenever you purchase a Hydratem8 bottle to help you to enjoy drinking water you are also helping someone who doesn’t have access to safe and clean water. Hydratem8 has always partnered with Pump Aid to bring water aid to people in the world’s poorest countries. Drinking water isn’t boring; its life saving for you and for them and for every bottle you buy £1 is given to Pump Aid.
  3. Motivational
    Our bottles have motivational slogans which remind and encourage you to keep drinking throughout the day. Our bottles come in a range of fun colours too so you can never say drinking water from a Hydratem8 bottle is boring!
  4. Challenge
    Challenging yourself is a fun way to drink water, the helpful interactive chart on the side of our bottles means you can easily set yourself goals and targets and challenge yourself to complete them. Use a timer on your phone to help you stay on track throughout the day.
  5. Flavour
    Adding flavour to regular tap water can make it much more exciting to drink. Our fruit infuser bottles enable you to do just that, adding lemon, cucumber, strawberries and many other fruits will add variety to your drinks and help you to enjoy drinking enough water. Invent your own flavours and have fun!
  6. On Tour
    Hydratem8 bottles are designed to go everywhere with you! Why not take your bottle ’on tour’ this summer, give it a name and a hashtag and fill your social media with pics of you out and about with your bottle!
  7. Water Wager
    Get a bet going to see who can stay on target with their water drinking for the whole summer break, or for a month. There’s nothing like putting your money where your mouth is to help you get the water down and to help you to have fun doing it!
  8. Water Games
    If you’re having a BBQ or picnic or just hanging out with family and friends over summer, why not play some water drinking games. They can be any games where the consequence is drinking a cup of water, from water pong to water shots – make drinking water a game and enjoy!

Our aim at Hydratem8 is to keep the whole family hydrated, so take a look in our shop today and pick up bottles for the whole tribe! https://hydratem8.co.uk/product-category/hydratem8-bottles/