Tips and Tricks for Camping (Even if it’s in the back garden this year)

With Summer 2020 still up in the air, the UK tourism industry is gearing up for a financial boom as we choose to stay home for holidays in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Camping and caravanning are popular holiday choices in many households, particularly for families and couples. Approximately 1.2 million people go camping regularly in the UK.

Despite there being no guarantee that holidays abroad and indeed in the UK will get the go-ahead, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for camping that you might find handy now or in the future.

Consider your tent size

Although camping is a big adventure, the build-up and set up of your camp can be stressful, especially if you find your tent is too small. Thankfully, there are many outdoors shops you can visit which have popular tents on display. So,  you can have a look before you buy and decide if the size and shape are right for you.

Once you’ve bought your tent, why not try putting it up either in your back garden or at the local park? That way, you’ll know how to put it up and won’t be struggling (and stressing) on the first morning of your holiday.

Research campsites

Shop around for campsites, have a look at particular areas and then consider which facilities you want to be available. There are camping comparison websites which list campsites and their facilities. You may be looking for a small, no-frills site or maybe you’re looking for somewhere you don’t need to leave because it has everything from a swimming pool to a convenience store on site.

Despite the good British summer weather, it is easy to find the perfect campsite for your requirements. Another great thing about camping is some sites allow you to take your dog, so you can have a complete family holiday without the added cost of kennels or dog-sitting services.

If you get to choose your pitch, pick higher ground
It’s a common mistake because often lower ground pitches look cosy and sheltered but if you’re unfortunate enough to experience rain during your holiday, you’ll be thankful for this tip.

Don’t be fooled either if you’re going camping abroad either, especially in mountainous regions. Go high and stay dry!

Pack a torch

Don’t get caught out, make sure you pack a torch. It can get pretty dark, especially if you’re camping out in the countryside and heading for the toilets during the night without a torch can be a hair-raising experience. Remember campsites are full of obstacles too like guide ropes, bikes, puddles etc that you might not see in the dark without a torch.

Keep warm during the night

Don’t let the hot weather during the day fool you, sleeping under canvas can get pretty chilly during the night. To avoid this, invest in a good quality sleeping bag as well as a roll mat or a camp bed to keep you insulated from the ground.

If you do get cold in the night, do not be tempted to warm your tent with a barbecue or a stove because these give off harmful carbon monoxide which can be fatal.

If all else fails, set up camp in your garden

If you are unable to go on holiday because the restrictions don’t allow or your finances have been affected by the pandemic, nothing is stopping you setting up a camp in your back garden. The kids will love it and it’ll be a great opportunity to bond. You can set the camp up together, eat outdoor food, play games, and watch the stars and it will cost very little.


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