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The importance of Regulation in the Health and Fitness industry

By 31/03/2022No Comments

The health and fitness industry has truly grown particularly in the last decade, more and more people in the UK, as well as worldwide, understand the importance of regular exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation and more.

With a plethora of positive changes this has brought, it has also increased some negatives within the industry.

The number of qualified personal trainers alone in the UK for example has increased by an estimated 28,000 from 2012 -2022.

This means there are more professionals who can help, but also due to the market growth, the likeliness of people trading without any recognised qualifications. Indeed throughout the full health and fitness industry, there are many cases where individuals have traded fraudulently.

The ‘regulatory bodies’ involved, may do certain good for the qualified and insured professionals to prove their legitimacy. However, there is practically zero work done by these bodies to prevent unqualified people from trading fraudulently.

Whilst every profession does not need a formal qualification to trade in the U.K, almost all do require by law that the practitioner has in date relevant insurance. Yet, despite this, an estimated 17% of qualified professionals do trade at times without this. That means if you get injured or hurt directly from a service received from a professional, they have no legal cover for you.

Fitbook.co.uk is the UK’s only site where every professional without exception has proved their qualifications, has in-date insurance and is even background D.B.S checked all of these documents are available to view freely. Also, every review published through the website for members is fully verified via a telephone call or follow-up email. Fitbook goes further than anyone to help safeguard the general public and put them in touch with the best professionals.

These regulations are pivotal to the proper functioning of these industries, they underpin markets, protect the rights and safety of the public and ensure the delivery of services.

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