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Infused Water RecipesRecipes

Iced Green Tea

If you're getting a little tired of just drinking water, then why not try iced green tea. Yes, that's right green tea, served ice cold. This simple recipe takes just minutes to prepare and provides you with a refreshing base that you can make more exciting by adding your choice of fruit, herbs, or other flavours. Did you know? Green…
Infused Water RecipesRecipes

Peach Fizz

A peach fizz is a sweet, non alcoholic treat, perfect for those impending autumnal evenings where you'll want to reminisce about the summer. Did you know: the term "you're a real peach" comes from a tradition where peaches were given to a friend you liked! Ingredients 1 white peach with stone removed 25ml sugar syrup 1/2 litre sparkling water 1…

Pea, Coconut and Turmeric Soup

Pea, coconut, and turmeric may not be your usual soup, but this creamy lunchtime favourite is great for cold winter evenings. Plus, it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians.