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How Hydratem8 Bottles Really Are Helping

We know that most businesses will say they are not just about the bottom line but we hope that our actions speak louder than words. As you may well be aware we donate £1 from every adult bottle we sell to Pump Aid. They are an incredible organisation reaching the world poorest and hardest to reach communities. (more…)

Water Facts We Guarantee Will Shock You

Look around you, plenty of water yes? Before we even hit 10am we have used it many times. Shower, breakfast, second cup of coffee and toilet. Yet, there are multiple thousands (and we mean multiple thousands) of people that don’t enjoy the same luxury as we do. (more…)

Our Commitment to Reaching Communities That Need Our Help

Every minute of every day people are suffering because of a lack of safe water and sanitation. It doesn’t have to be this way but as things stand, this is the harsh reality of the situation. Lives are being lost and daily tragedies occur. It’s easy for us to sit back and do nothing but nothing cannot be an option.…