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The importance of Regulation in the Health and Fitness industry

The health and fitness industry has truly grown particularly in the last decade, more and more people in the UK, as well as worldwide, understand the importance of regular exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation and more. With a plethora of positive changes this has brought, it has also increased some negatives within the industry. The number of qualified personal trainers alone in…

Marathon Training: Here’s What You Need to Eat

Training for a marathon isn’t an overnight project. Instead, it’s a long and enduring process that isn’t just about running, it also incorporates the food you eat. Although the London Marathon has moved again this year from April to October, we thought it’s a good idea to start thinking about your diet if you’re hoping to tackle 26.2 miles. The…

The History of Athletic Hydration

Did you know, that back in the early days of organized marathon running, before the 1970s, professional athletes were advised not to drink any fluids at all before or during their race? Can you imagine trying to complete a 40-mile-run without so much as a drop of water to get you through?