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Iced Green Tea

If you're getting a little tired of just drinking water, then why not try iced green tea. Yes, that's right green tea, served ice cold. This simple recipe takes just minutes to prepare and provides you with a refreshing base that you can make more exciting by adding your choice of fruit, herbs, or other flavours. Did you know? Green…

5 Healthy Winter Warmer Drinks for your Insulated Water Bottle

Remember those awful days of lukewarm drinks in a flask? No more! How would you like to keep your ‘hot’ drinks hot for much longer, and be able to enjoy some delicious and super-healthy drinks? Hydratem8’s triple-layered insulated bottle gives you the ability to enjoy your favourite hot drink throughout the day (or night!), maintaining the flavour and heat for…

Matcha Green Tea and Lime

This kick starts your metabolism, so is great to drink all the way through the day – take it to the office with you!  Green tea has amazing nutrient rich properties, which aid weight loss, mental agility and scientists also say that it can ward off certain cancers due to its polyphenol and flavonoid contents. An all-round healthy drink to…