Six warning steps towards dehydration

The human body needs hydration, we all know that. But what do you really know about the signs of dehydration? There are 6 stages that you will go through if you forget or ignore the need for fluids, and these will happen very, very quickly. We are not scaremongering, all we are trying to do is make you realise the dangers involved with dehydration, which you can so easily avoid. Starting...

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How to Get Your Senior Relatives to Drink More Water

Aging is a prerequisite for fluid and electrolyte imbalances particularly as the body’s ability to store water decreases. Therefore, it can be more difficult for elderly individuals to adapt to changes in temperature. Plus, as we age our sense of thirst also reduces, so when we eventually do have a drink, our levels may already be very low. Medical conditions can play a key role in how we retain or even...

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Hydration and breastfeeding

The Importance of hydration when breastfeeding

Mums to be will certainly know the importance of a healthy diet whilst pregnant and also making the right choice of healthy foods and the right balance. Equally as important once baby says ‘hello’ to the world, is to continue making healthy choices and to lose any excess ‘baby fat’ through eating the right foods and taking moderate exercise. During pregnancy, your little treasure will be sapping you dry of...

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