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Customer Stories & ReviewsHydration Tracker Water Bottle Reviews

Sarah Costar

"I wasn’t sure about the straw at first but i found having one helps me reach my goal of drinking so much water, so quickly! I drink and sip slowly throughout the day and before I realise it’s all gone! Rather than taking big gulps, I find sipping for regular periods throughout the day helps consume more water!"

Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body

When thinking of detoxing, often people think of harsh detox or elimination diets that use special diets or products such as laxatives to remove harmful toxins from the body. But the body is well-equipped to naturally detoxify itself when you implement some small but significant lifestyle changes.

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Days is held on the second Thursday in March every year with the aim to raise awareness about these cool but often overlooked organs.

Daily Hydration helps lower Cholesterol

Who would believe that keeping hydration at an optimum level is one of the keys to lowering the bad cholesterol in your body? Of course, water on its own is not enough, but combined with a healthy, balanced diet, you are on the road to preventing life-threatening conditions – high cholesterol levels would certainly have an impact on your body.…

Water v. Diabetes – Keep Fighting

Diabetes is a very common illness in the UK, and you must rule it, rather than let it rule you. Many people are affected by it, even the fittest, healthiest and slimmest – it takes no prisoners. Yes, diabetes can occur if you don’t pay attention to your diet, but that is not always the reason. When diagnosed with diabetes,…

Benefits Of Hydration

Hydration is not a trend, fact! It is a crucial aspect of everyday life. Of course the extreme health conscious are still searching for the holy grail…something better than the real thing! This has presented itself in the shape of fat water, asparagus water and do you know the benefits of alkaline water? Joking aside, many of the benefits of…