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Stuck Indoors? The National Trust Opens Its Parks for Free

By 20/03/2020No Comments

National Trust Opens Gardens & Parks for Free During the Outbreak

These unprecedented times that nations across the world are currently facing, are putting a strain on, not only the world’s health, but also the economy. With the UK government asking us all to social distance, The National Trust has announced it will open its parks and gardens for free during the coronavirus outbreak.

Although the trust is closing its indoor visitor attractions like houses, shops and cafes, they still want the public to be able to take advantage of their outdoor spaces. Even though an indoor public area currently poses a threat to our health, outdoor spaces are considered less of a threat, particularly if social distancing guidelines are adopted. Plus, it’s nice just to get some fresh air and get away from the constant news updates.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is exactly that, avoiding close contact with other people. It sounds drastic but the coronavirus is spread through airborne droplets when infected people cough or sneeze. Hence, why these measures are currently important.

It doesn’t mean you can’t go out; it just means taking steps to reduce the spread of the virus which will not just benefit you and your loved ones but society, in general.

Some of the measures include:

  • Keeping approximately 2 metres between yourself and other people
  • Avoiding public transport
  • Avoid meeting up with friends and family, especially those who are vulnerable
  • Avoid venues such as pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, theatres and cinemas

What are the benefits of these parks staying open?

Currently, the UK is not in any lock-down type measure but we are being asked to work from home where we can, keep socialising to a minimum and many sports and hobby clubs have ceased functioning for the time being. Altogether, this has the potential to make for a boring time.

Therefore, we are lucky that we can still go out which many countries are currently not able to enjoy. Plus, the outbreak of the virus in the UK has sparked a great deal of uncertainty and fear amongst the population. Therefore, being able to ‘get away from it all’ and enjoy the great outdoors has many benefits.

Even though the government is advising to stay away from other people, they are saying that you can leave home to exercise if you are a safe distance from other people. The National Trust parks are ideal places for taking a stroll, a jog or even switching your gym routine to outside. Whatever you choose to use the park for, keeping your mind active and getting as much physical exercise you can, will benefit your health, both physically and mentally.

Don’t forget to take your Hydratem8 bottle with you. Water is essential to keep you healthy and it supports your immune system which is essential right now.

And another major advantage is that income is not an issue in these financially uncertain times because you can enter the parks for free. So, even though the coronavirus outbreak is currently wreaking havoc across the globe, simple gestures like this one are enough to put a smile on faces and give us all a chance to escape, even just for a little while.

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