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I ordered my bottle while lying in a hospital bed. I was really quite unwell following on from a viral infection which caused my immune system to attack my liver. I was very close to needing a liver transplant but luckily my body started responding to the treatment.

I started to do research into what food and drink is good for your liver and what sort of things to avoid. Up until my hospital stay, I exclusively drank Pepsi Max – nothing else! But when I read that fizzy drinks (even sugar free) are bad for your liver, I decided there and then to drink only water – and that’s where my order was placed!

Since receiving my bottle, I have drank the recommended 2 litres of water a day, something I never did before!! And I am so pleased that my livers health is improving and i am sure the increase in water intake is a helping factor!

I am determined to keep up my new drinking habits and make sure I look after my body properly!

Thank you HydrateM8!


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