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Shannon North

Back last year I joined slimming world and was told that I need to up my water consumption to help with my weight loss and hydrate me as I could go the whole day without drinking anything!

I kept seeing on insta that people were purchasing different types of bottles to help them. I thought to myself how could a bottle actually help me with my water consumption? But I gave it ago and ordered a few different ones in the past but it never really helped. Until I saw the Hydratem8 bottles! Now owning 3 I think they are amazing! I purchased my bottle thinking this is my last try to drink my daily intake as I found it so hard.

And it defo worked! The times on the side helped me a lot and started drinking 1 lot and repeating as the times state on the bottle.

Upping my water consumption has changed so much, I don’t feel dehydrated anymore and my skin in so much clearer! Also weight loss is going great! These bottles motivate you so much and help you to achieve how much you want/should be drinking. They are by far the best bottles I have used, and now many of my family and friends think the same and own a couple also!

Shannon North