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Sarah Evans

I have been a member of the Hydratem8 family for a little over a year now. I honestly question how I ever survived without my bottle!

I’m a Primary PE Teacher and I have always seen myself as physically active. Over the past couple of years, I have worked hard to have a balanced diet. Sadly. the one thing I have often neglected has been my water consumption.

Prior to my hydration tracker, I often suffered with headaches during the week. Some weeks my headaches would occur daily. At first, I had put this down to stress with working. I then became a little concerned about my eyesight and if this was the trigger. I therefore now go for regular check-ups. Little did I know that the cause of my frequent headaches was down to dehydration!

Having the hydration tracker on the bottle has been a real key indicator to keep on track. This visual support is exactly what I needed. I have always had a water bottle during my working day, but I had never really finished the bottle. Nowadays my bottle gets refilled at lunchtime and keeps me going for the afternoon activities. Many of my students are also inspired by my bottle and all do their bit to make sure I am keeping on track. It is a great educational tool and numerous pupils have since taken on an active role on their own water consumption.

Since having my Hydratem8 bottle I have seen many positive changes in my lifestyle. I no longer suffer with headaches, my skin looks and feels healthier, I am snacking far less and eating healthier choices, I am sleeping easier and I have a lot more energy throughout each day.

To keep up to date with my active fitness lifestyle, please follow my progression on Instagram @tigs_lean_lifestyle

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