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Sarah Costar

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Having tried lots of different bottles from various retailers, I almost gave up trying to drink more water. A friend introduced me to these bottles and my first thought was that they were “huge” and really attractive.

They come in a range of different colours and designs and the cute little tracker enables you to see how much you’re drinking.
I was on a strict diet which required me to drink 2.5 litres of water a day. I thought “no way” initially, until I saw these. Not only are they really eye- catching but they are super sturdy, easy to clean and some have motivational quotes. Which I chose.

I wasn’t sure about the straw at first but i found having one helps me reach my goal of drinking so much water, so quickly! I drink and sip slowly throughout the day and before I realise it’s all gone! Rather than taking big gulps, I find sipping for regular periods throughout the day helps consume more water!

I love this bottle. You can even buy spare different colour lids to change the whole look! Plus you also get a straw cleaner and its delivered to your address well packaged and protected.

I definitely want another!

They regularly bring out new colours, some have motivational quotes but all have a carrying loop so whether you’re using it for home, work or the gym it is perfect for everyone!

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