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I love love love my hydratem8 bottles! I always have one with me where ever I go.

I first came across you by chance on instagram and for weeks kept browsing your page if-ing and arr-ing about whether to get one as I though they were a tad expensive. Then I thought about how much I spend on water bottles each month. I’m also a carer so very very busy all of the time and I was forgetting to drink becuase I just don’t have time to stop.  I brought one and noticed the difference within a couple of days. I was actually stopping and drinking. Making sure I hit my target amount! Headaches eased off, felt more energised and my mind was less foggy.
I always drink plenty of water as I have ibs and it helps me emensly. But when I changed jobs to being a carer I lost my way a bit. Hydratem8 has been the best purchase I’ve made this year. So much so I just had to have another in a different colour and even have all my work mates asking every day where they can get one too ?

Rachel Arrowsmith