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Metal straw brush suitable for cleaning the straws on our plastic Hydration Tracker water bottles.

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The HydrateM8 Straw Brush is a petite, yet effective tool for cleaning the reusable plastic straws for your Hydration Tracker Bottles. This is usually an area of a bottle that doesn’t get cleaned very well, due to its narrow opening, but our Straw Brush is able to get right to the end of the straw, picking up any residue or bacteria as it does so.

How many reusable bottles have you owned in your life that have included a straw for easy sipping? Most people don’t think twice about how difficult this is to clean – they simply rinse and hope for the best. Other people steer clear of these sorts of bottles, terrified of a build-up of bacteria in their straw.

Our Straw Brush is an innovative and extremely necessary addition to our accessory range. Use it after every use of your Hydration Tracker Bottle to give your straw a proper clean, helping to remove all bacteria and any of that after-drink taste that can sometimes remain. The next time you fill up your bottle and take a sip, you will have clean, fresh water that is free from contaminants.

Super Straw Design

Our tiny Straw Brushes might not look like much, but they are so good at what they do. The soft plastic bristles are the ideal texture for gently scrubbing the inside of the straw, taking any residue and leaving them super-clean and fresh inside. The brush handle is made of stainless-steel and is a little longer than the straw in the Hydration Tracker Bottles, allowing you to get right to the end of the straw with little effort.

The little rounded tip at the top of the brush is a deliberate design feature – it stops your brush scratching the straw, so that it stays in perfect condition every time you clean it. After all, a straw with a hole is not a very useful thing!

After use, our robust and durable Straw Brushes can be washed and reused again and again, so that you can always have a squeaky-clean straw in your water bottle. The little hoop at the end of the brush means it can be hung up, allowing the air to circulate around the bristles so that it can dry without a build-up of bacteria.

Our Straw Brush is really useful for cleaning a variety of other things too. Use it to scrub the spout of your tea pot, or the spout of your toddler’s sippy cup. The inside of your coffee machine could benefit from a quick brush, or just any plastic product with small, difficult to reach crevices. If this is your first time cleaning with a straw brush, you will wonder how you ever managed without one, since they result in a drinking experience that is far more enjoyable and healthier.

Environment Matters

We’ve always got the planet at the forefront of our minds, and this Straw Brush was made with the intention of helping you get more use out of your Hydration Tracker Bottles. We have spent a lot of time creating these bottles, in the hope that we could get more people drinking more water and reduce the amount of disposable plastic bottles in the world. A big aim, we know, but all huge plans start with one small idea.

However, we realise that the straw in our Hydration Tracker Bottles is small and difficult to clean. We wanted to include the straw in the design, since it makes for easy sipping, and the flip-lid prevents leaks – things that are important to our customers. That is why we created this Straw Brush – to help prevent bacteria building up inside the straw so that you can keep on drinking out of it for longer. Every time you take a sip from our bottle, you are leaving those disposable bottles on the shops shelves and doing your little bit for the environment.

Cleaning for the greater good! Shop our Straw Brush now!

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