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Grey Hydration Tracker Water Bottle (original style with straw) 900ml


The Original Hydration Tracker water bottle, designed with your Hydration Goals in mind. Our unique tracker on the back of bottle allows you to monitor and improve your hydration throughout the day, which can lead to a range of health benefits. This bottle comes with a manual spout and straw for easy sipping and a carry loop, perfect for on the go. Grey bottle branded with our company name on the opposite side.

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Integrated straw lid

  • Innovative flip-straw design
  • Easy to use with handy carry loop

Hydration Tracker

  • Time measurements and motivating messages
  • Enjoy more consistent hydration

Leak proof

  • Silicone seals
  • Recessed straw to prevent accidental opening

BPA free water bottle

  • BPA-free
  • Reduces your reliance on single-use plastic bottles

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