Paralympics Team GB – They Just Keep Giving

Team GB did the nation really proud at the Olympic events in Rio this year, gaining the most medals in 40 years.

As with any major sporting event there were some real standout moments. Mo Farah heard the nation curse as he took a mid race tumble but still managed to win the medal and Bradley Wiggins decided it was appropriate to stick his tongue out whilst receiving his fifth Olympic Gold Medal.

And in the Paralympics, Para GB Team are not letting the side down with Will Bayley bagging gold in the table tennis and Thomas Hamer winning silver in the men’s 200 m freestyle swim.

To reach these highly decorated dizzying heights, Olympians really have to put the work in. Training morning, noon and night is simply not enough, Olympians also need to take careful track of their diet and their hydration. And even as an Olympian, this can prove difficult as football captain Lisa De Vanna showed when she needed help to find the right end of her water bottle.

Lisa De Vanna discovering the right way to use her bottle!

Lisa De Vanna discovering the right way to use her bottle!

Whilst most of us will not be entering the Olympics any time soon, more and more people are putting themselves through vigorous training and competing in events such as triathlons. And when it comes to race day, the difference between us winning gold or silver, can come down to our diet. Pick up a few winning tips here.

Throughout your training, you will have been ensuring you have stayed well hydrated. Hopefully you will have been doing it with one of our HydrateM8 bottles which motivate you to keep sipping throughout the day. However when it comes to race day, you might need something a little extra.

It is advisable to sip water up to the race commencing but approximately eight minutes before you begin, you are going to need to intake a fuel replacement drink. This will enable you to stay energised throughout the race.

A pre race breakfast is also essential to success and should comprise of 30 percent protein, 50 per cent carbs and 20 percent fat. Don’t overload on fat laden breakfasts, they will leave you feeling sluggish and make it harder to go for gold.


Ready, set, go….

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