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Working as a Nurse and now a Resuscitation Officer, travelling across three hospital sites and carrying resuscitation equipment, I have to make sure I take care of myself physically and drink plenty.

Ever since being a student nurse tracker bottles were the fashion in nurse world and having one sort of make you feel ‘official’ haha! I bought my first tracker bottle from Hydratem8 and never looked back.

Hydratem8 tracker bottles are sustainable, excellent quality and of course come in so many pretty designs. Hydratem8 tracker bottles aid in making sure you drink the healthy amount of water needed in a day to stay nice and healthy.

I have always struggled to consume the required amount of water in a day but ever since purchasing my first tracker bottle from Hydratem8 I no longer have this issue. I would even have my colleagues at times point out I needed to ‘take a moment and have a drink’ to stay on track when they would glance over at my tracker bottle.

Hydratem8’s tracker bottles are long lasting and have definitely made a positive health difference in my line of work. I really cannot imagine using any other brand of water bottle in my work or personal life. I have used Hydratem8 for over 6 years now and have never needed or wanted to purchase from anywhere else!

Anyone wanting to improve their water intake and feel physically better, I would highly recommend Hydratem8 to help achieve this.

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