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Michelle Thackeray

I actually won my first hydratem8 bottle a few years ago. I hadn’t seen anything like it at the time and loved how it gave me a countdown to keep myself hydrated.

I’ve always been terrible drinking water despite the fact I don’t drink tea or coffee. My go to drink since I was a teenager and for the past 30 odd years was Diet Coke. Winning my bottle, combined with my daughter warning me of the downside of drinking fizzy drinks encouraged me to give up the Diet Coke and replace it with water.

I can now proudly say that I haven’t drank Diet Coke for around 3 years and am the owner of three hydratem8 bottles that go everywhere with me. They travel with me to work, the gym, the supermarket and even an empty one goes with me on holidays!

Topping up my bottles from the tap is so much better than buying plastic bottles and adding to our plastic waste problems. Last time I went on holiday I even googled where the airport water fountain was so I could top up before my flight! Nowadays, instead of drinking excessive amounts of Diet Coke and hardly ever having water, I drink at least 3 litres a day.

Thanks to my daughter and hydratem8 I’m a healthier, more eco responsible person.

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