Customer Stories & Reviews, Hydration Tracker Water Bottle Reviews

Laura Farr

I have been using hydrate m8 bottles since 2015! I have one in nearly every range and found they don’t compare to those of a similar style thats out there on the market.

I found it really useful to keep track of how much I was drinking, especially when I was pregnant but now that baby, just like my eldest, steals my bottles! My eldest has 3 of his own and loves his newest addition. We take ours everywhere, they’re easy to take in the car, put on the buggy when you’re out using the little handle and my son takes his to school and it helps with his water challenge with his friends too.

My husband has signed up on a well known 90 day plan and has found it to really help him keep track of how much he drinks a day, which was a lot less than he thought.

Having the bottles over a glass of water makes such a difference and you seem to drink more than you realise!

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