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Keep Cool on the Piste

By 30/11/2016February 27th, 2018No Comments

So you have the new super salopettes, reflective goggles and go-fast ski boots – have you forgotten something? Sun block? Outfits for the evening apres-ski? Still something vital you may be forgetting.

The slopes in Europe and certainly the USA are already open and awaiting your arrival. You want to look cool in the latest ski gear but your thoughts are probably on keeping warm in the cold, crisp and clear air you find in your chosen ski resort.

You probably think about staying hydrated on your summer holidays, but it is imperative on your winter ski activity to consider the same principle – skiing does dehydrate you, so don’t be fooled by the cold weather.

After a day on the piste, and a night carousing in a club or in your own chalet, you will inevitably turn up at the slopes dehydrated. Fact. Whilst there are plenty of water fountains provided on your trip to the top, sipping is just not good enough. That morning cup of coffee and a pastry will only compound the effects of the night before. Dehydration will affect your performance on the slopes and even your concentration when you take that leap over a bump. Dehydration affects the blood flow to your muscles and to your brain and your heart needs to work hard to rectify this.


Keep on Top to the Top

Feeling cold on a ski holiday is inevitable, but try not to worsen it by becoming dehydrated, as your body will lose the ability to regulate temperature. You may think that the slow but exhilarating ride on the chairlift is having no effect – but when your body is dehydrated, cold will set in quicker than the time it takes you to reach the summit – a matter of minutes, particularly when you have not consumed enough water to replace the lost electrolytes, after glugging the gluwein and dancing to the disco the night before.

Many skiers don’t want to carry a big or heavy backpack, which is understandable. But you don’t need to retouch your make up, or spray your perfume – you need to hydrate, so a small backpack is sufficient to carry a bottle of water and any essentials. A Hydrate8M easy to use water bottle means no fussing trying to unscrew the top of a shop bought mineral water – good, clean water is just as effective and you can keep track of how much water you consume with our cleverly marked bottles.

Fatigue will certainly set in if you don’t rehydrate. Scientific research shows that a capable skier, who is hydrated, can complete 4 runs with no effect, whereas a dehydrated skier will struggle after 2 runs. So your performance is affected by 50%. What a waste of skiing time!

Regular hydration is imperative to really enjoy your days on the slopes – after all, even though it is cold, the layers of ski gear that you have on will make your body sweat – consequently, you become even more dehydrated.

Regular hydration is the key, not just when you stop for lunch, which on most occasions as you sit in those beautiful surroundings on the mountain top, can actually worsen your situation. Take regular amounts of water whether on the chairlift, or a stop halfway down the chosen route, or more if possible.

Aim for 400-500mls of water per hour spent on the slopes and this should be enough to hydrate you and for you to enjoy your day. A glass of wine or a hot toddy is fine, but do limit your alcohol intake if you are aiming to complete a few runs!