Jayden Sherwood is a 7 year old kart racer from Kent, who races at national level. He may only be 7 years old, but Jayden competes wheel to wheel with the best drivers in the country at speeds of 45mph. Having only started racing last year, Jayden has learned his race craft extremely quickly, and has shown an amazing natural talent, picking up 10 podium finishes in the last 11 races.

At the beginning of the year HYDRATEM8 came on board with us at Jayden Sherwood Motorsport to sponsor Jayden through the season. This has helped the team massively towards reaching our goal of winning the BKC British Championship.

We have had a fantastic start to the season winning the first round of the BKC British Championship in the Comer C50 class, and becoming the 2017/2018 Lydd Kart Circuit Winter Vice Champion.

Jayden quotes “Thank you to HYDRATEM8 for sponsoring me. It’s really going to help my season in the BKC Championship. I am very grateful for the support”

When battling wheel to wheel at 45mph into corners, its vital Jayden maintains maximum concentration and is able to make split second decisions. To ensure this, Jayden must keep himself fully hydrated throughout the weekend. The HYDRATEM8 tracker bottles are perfect for ensuring enough water is being consumed throughout the day. A race weekend can be so hectic and it’s easy for the young drivers to forget to drink. Jayden’s HYDRATEM8 bottles are an essential part of his race kit.

From everyone at Jayden Sherwood Motorsport, thank you for your help and support.