Intense Headache or Migraine? Let hydration help you!

Whilst there are many causes of headaches and migraine, dehydration is one of your worst enemies.

There are several types of headaches, but in all cases hydration will definitely help ease the pain over a period of time. It is best to first discover why you have a headache, before resorting to what you think is a quick fix over the counter pill. Headaches are mainly caused by the following:

  • Dehydration (often resulting in extreme fatigue)
  • Chronic tension (often the result of stress overload)
  • Hormonal headaches (like migraine headaches)
  • Colds, flu and sinusitis

In the case of dehydration, the headache ‘cycle’ can be quite painful and closely connected to chronic tension, which causes fatigue in the body and brain. Not drinking adequate amounts of water can often cause fatigue, with the knock on effect that fatigue will then cause the headache to intensify, and so on in a vicious cycle. In this instance, you need to rehydrate immediately.

Colds, flu and sinusitis are not preventable or curable by hydration, but certainly drinking adequate amounts of water whilst you are suffering, will definitely help. Quite often with colds and flu you may not feel like eating and almost certainly you will sweat more whilst you lay in your bed, wishing the world would go away. It is essential to keep hydrated as your body will rapidly lose fluid through sweating and lack of any hydrating foods.

With any form of the headaches listed, try only to drink plain water. Coffee, tea or fizzy drinks containing caffeine will only exacerbate your dehydration, causing headaches to continue with no relief.

The majority of migraine sufferers have long since learnt that hydration is key to easing bouts of this debilitating form of headache. In fact, sufferers know that they are more sensitive to the effects of dehydration than others that have an occasional headache. In many cases, doctors will recommend a form of tablet for these severe headaches, but will also firmly recommend drinking plenty of water. In scientific studies where sufferers were put into two groups with one group drinking more water than the other, those in the higher water intake group experienced less hours of pain and less intensity in their headaches.

Coming into the summer months and warmer weather (hopefully!), the rise in temperature can often trigger migraines and intense headaches, even if you don’t spend too much time in the sun. You are more likely to dehydrate and sweat more often, which will affect the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and cause your blood vessels to dilate. The resultant effect will be pain, in the form of headache or migraine.

Don’t get caught without water – replenish your hydration levels at all times. Carry water with you whether you are embarking on a journey, working in a stuffy office or simply sitting out in the garden.

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