Is sparkling water as good for you as still water?

When it comes to liquids, water is a pretty simple concept, made up of two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen atom. Yet in our bodies, it is a powerful tool, essential for life and playing a part in every single bodily function.

As drinks go, water is pretty great. But is sparkling as good for you as still water? What team are you on?

What is Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is exactly the same as still water with the addition of carbon dioxide to create the bubbles. It gives the water a slightly sweeter taste and is sometimes a more preferable option for people who aren’t keen on plain old tap water but are fond of fizzy drinks. There have been concerns over the suitability of sparkling water as part of a healthy lifestyle, although many of those have been dismissed over time.

For example, for some time it was thought that sparkling water would wear away tooth enamel and strip calcium from the bones. This did appear to be true for those people who drank a lot of fizzy drinks in general, but not for those who did not regularly indulge in sodas.

Those with digestive issues have been warned to stick to still water, since the carbonated water can irritate sensitive stomachs. However, anyone that suffers from a sluggish digestion and is often constipated might prefer the pressure from the sparkling water to help move things along inside!

If you are a fan of sparkling water, it might be wise to mix it up with a glass of still water now and again, just to ensure your body is working at its optimum. However, you won’t be any more hydrated by sticking to still water.

Make It at Home

The biggest disadvantage to sparkling water is that it isn’t readily available on tap whenever you are thirsty. I’m sure you know by now, that here at HydrateM8, we always try to be environmentally conscious, and that means bucking the trend for convenience drinks. If you are out and about with no other option than to pop into your nearest convenience store for a beverage, try to pick sparkling water in a glass bottle rather than a plastic one as a responsible biodegradable choice. Ideally, however, you want to avoid contributing to waste wherever possible, so filling up your reusable water bottle before you leave the house would be best.

If you prefer to drink sparkling water, that means you’re going to have to add the carbon dioxide bubbles yourself. There are lot of machines on the market that will carbonate your water, so that you never need run out. While the initial outlay might seem a little pricey, if you drink a lot of sparkling water, you will soon save money on your water. Use your trusty HydrateM8 bottle to store it and sip throughout the day and you can stay hydrated for less and without adding any extra disposable plastic bottles to landfill.

Of course, those on Team Still only need to turn on their tap…!

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