How to Stay Hydrated at Home

how to stay hydrated at home

Staying healthy and hydrated at home

With the world’s attention diverted towards staying healthy right now, many people are concerned about how they are going to stay healthy while they are spending more time than they are used to at home. Staying hydrated is a concern, particularly for those who live alone or who find staying hydrated difficult. So, we’ve come up with some tips everyone can follow to stay healthy and hydrated at home.

Always keep a water bottle with you during the day

Although it sounds obvious, some of you will still forget to just keep a drink handy with you, especially with your minds preoccupied elsewhere. It’s also easy to forget just how much fluid you’ve taken in during the day, that’s why our hydration tracker bottles are a perfect reminder. The tracker means you can stay on top of your daily water intake, by reaching hourly targets you can be sure your body has all the water it needs to function effectively.

If you haven’t yet got a bottle, you can still order from us. However, while you wait, you can set hourly alarms to remind you to drink fluids. Water is important for many of your body systems including the immune system. That’s because water keeps your blood full of oxygen and your cells pumped up so they can function effectively.

You don’t have to drink just plain water

Many people aren’t keen on the taste of plain water but staying hydrated doesn’t mean you just have to drink H2O. Instead, you can mix it up with different flavours and temperatures, so that drinking doesn’t just become boring.

The good thing about water is it doesn’t have any calories and if you drink from the tap it’s free, too. However, if you fancied a change or are looking for a tasty alternative there are plenty of drinks to choose from. Why not try:

  • Adding slices of fruit or veg to water to give it a refreshing flavour. Choose foods such as lemon, lime, cucumber or mint.
  • Coconut water. It’s rich in minerals like potassium and contains sodium which will help to keep your electrolyte levels balanced which is also key to avoid dehydration.
  • Fruit juice and smoothies. These contain lots of vitamins that your body needs to keep you healthy and it can contribute to your 5-a-day. But these drinks can be packed with sugar and acid which is bad for your teeth and metabolic health so you should limit your intake.
  • Tea and coffee. Both drinks contain caffeine which needs to be drunk in moderation, but they do contribute to your fluid intake. If you are concerned about your caffeine intake, why not choose decaffeinated versions.
  • Milk can also be a good choice of drink because of the nutrients it contains, like calcium, B vitamins as well as protein. Again, it’s important to drink milk in moderation, though because it does contain saturated fat.

If you’re hungry, drink some water

Often your body will play tricks on you. If you feel like you’re hungry, you may be thirsty. So, if you think you’re hungry, have a drink of water, to see if that satisfies you before reaching for the snacks.

Remind your elderly and vulnerable friends and relatives

If you have elderly or vulnerable friends and relatives, it’s really important to remind them to keep themselves hydrated, particularly if they are isolated. So why not give them a call and remind them to have a drink, something to eat and spend some time on the phone with them, reminding them how much you care.

The way the world is operating now is somewhat alien to all of us, but we must take care of ourselves and loved ones. Staying hydrated is no exception and with water readily available from the tap, there is no reason why anyone should have low fluid levels. Plus, staying topped up with water will help your cognitive function, support your immune system and keep your heart healthy.

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