Can water help you ‘slip into’ that little black dress

Christmas party season will soon be here, whether it’s cocktails on a rooftop, a sit down dinner with your work colleagues or strutting some moves on a dance floor. Whichever way, you search in the wardrobe for that dress you love, put it on – but it’s too tight somewhere in the equation! Whether it’s a dress or a sexy tuxedo trouser suit, the problem is the same – so what do you do?

There is much hype about water helping you to lose weight, but not much has been scientifically proven. One thing for sure – water is an appetite suppressant and it does remove toxins from your body, so there is a weight loss factor there. But if you combine a natural suppressant such as water and include other factors, you will be on the road to success – and very quickly.

Of course there are crash diets, anything from starving yourself to weird and whacky resolutions, but these need to be approached with caution. We are not a diet company, but we do know the benefits of water and a healthy lifestyle. Taking a look at your diet and lifestyle then combining healthy living with correct hydration, is the best solution for weight loss, and weight that will stay off you for a longer period of time.

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Can drinking more water help me lose weight?

Hydration is important throughout the day, but if you are looking to lose weight, timing is important. First thing in the morning, water with lemon is a great way to start the day, and the addition of lemon can also help with detox. 450 – 500ml of water first thing (with that touch of lemon) will get your system going and help you avoid that bacon or sausage sandwich! You are less likely to dive into ‘bad foods’ as the water will suppress your appetite. Feel free to eat fruits though, as fruit such as apples do make you feel full, and also give you that satiated feeling.

Mid-morning, when the hunger pangs may kick in, have some fruit infused water or herbal tea (no sugar!). After all, you may only have a couple of hours until lunch – a critical time of the day when you will eat and then sit back at your desk and have an afternoon glued to your PC. Remember to frequently sip, not ‘gag’ it back – gradual sipping will keep you hydrated and still help you resist those biscuits.

When waiting for lunch, drink water, at least 250ml before eating. But please, take a look at what you are ordering – the lunchtime meal can spoil any weight loss that has been encouraged by drinking water. Have dishes that are water-rich – plenty of vegetables or fruits, many of which will contain more than 90% water. The human brain will frequently look at volume as opposed to content – thus, if you get a small plate of food, you will assume that you will be hungry! You can fill up your plate, but it’s what you fill it with.

The same principle applies to evening meals – low calorie foods such as healthy and filling soups containing plenty of water, and limited meat and grains. Try to fill half of your plate with vegetables that have been steamed, sautéed in olive oil or other healthy oils. Finish your meal with more water, certainly before you go to bed.

There are a couple of surefire ways that we can help you consume the right amount of water to aid weight loss, and also control what you eat and when you eat. Our cleverly marked hydration tracker water bottles are perfect for keeping pace with your water intake at home or in the office. Or perhaps you want to take your own lunch to work? Our insulated food pots are perfect for a salad or a delicious soup or stew. This way, you will know what is in your food and avoid any hidden ‘nasties’ that may sneak into your meal in a restaurant.

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What next?

Do exercise, it obviously helps the weight loss. The health benefits of water are numerous, but eating calorie-laden foods throughout the water process will not help you at all. Give it one week, then dare to try on that party outfit again – you should be on your way to weight loss, and it will encourage you to continue when that zip does actually do up!

Don’t expect miracles, but you can expect a slow and steady weight loss by letting water help you and your body.

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